Orange Text provides Japanese translation services to and from English. Whether translating from Japanese to English or English to Japanese, the work is done by a native speaker who is proficient in the relevant industry. We offer only translation (written) services; we do not provide interpretation (oral) services.

The translation industry is currently undergoing major changes in which translation providers are focusing on various levels of quality. Many pursue ISO certifications, such as ISO 9001, quality management systems, but such standards address only the translation flow, not the content of the translation.

At Orange Text, we have no interest in spending resources on obtaining ISO certifications. We focus on content quality and presentation, to make sure that the vocabulary and style are appropriate for the intended purpose (such as technical information or tourism) and that the grammar is correct.

We offer high-quality translations in the following fields:

  • Patent translation
  • Legal translation
  • Medical translation
  • Pharmaceutial translation
  • International aid
  • Manufacturing

We also offer high-quality translations between Chinese (simplified/traditional) and English/Japanese. Read more about our Chinese translation services.
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Orange Text provides quality translations in a range of technical fields, as well as for tourism and general business purposes.

Orange Text focuses on Japanese/Chinese and English to ensure we can continue deliverying high-quality translated documents to our clients.

Orange Text has established a reputation over nearly two decades of providing excellent translation services.
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