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Patent Translation

Patent translation is a highly specialized field, requiring care with terms and precision. Orange Text translates and edits patents with an emphasis on terminology to ensure accuracy.

Semiconductor Patents

The semiconductor continues to revolutionize the world through innovative technology. Moore's law may continue to hold thanks to tunnel junctions, spintronics and other advanced approaches.

Chemical Patents

Chemistry remains a foundational technology, bringing exciting developments in materials, biodegradability, semiconductors and other fields.

IT Patents

Information technology continues to grow around the globe in leaps and bounds. From VoIP and computer hardware to databases and e-commerce, IT covers a lot of ground.
A circuit board

The building block of information technology

Patent for improving the production of potash and pearl ash

The first US patent (no. X1) was granted to Samuel Hopkins in 1790

An abstract representaiton of information technology

Information technology is all around us