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To have a website on the internet, you must register a domain, point the domain to your host, and upload website content.

How to Get a Website

First you must register a domain, which is the main URL of the website. The domain for OT, for example, is orangetext.com. Once you have a domain, you must find a hosting company that will hold your files and make them available on the internet. Then you create the actual content, which is the webpages, and upload them to the host.

OT Website Hosting

Orange Text can help you get your website up and running, from registration to content and hosting. Here are some of the web hosting services we provide:
  • Email
  • Website hosting
  • FTP access
  • Technical support
  • An SSL certificate
  • CloudFlare DDOS protection>

Other Website Services

Your website is limited only by your imagination. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation on your website needs. OT also offers ghost blogging services (regular blog content creation), website domain registration, and website translations. Let's talk!