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Boasting major industries such as aerospace, banking, energy and electronics, the Netherlands has been known for centuries as an economic powerhouse. Amsterdam, Antwerp and Leiden are among the major urban districts that play an important part in business and education to this day. Orange Text ensures your Dutch translations are accurate and natural to reach your audience in the Netherlands, Belgium and other countries around the world.

Dutch (NL)

Arising in the fifth century, Dutch has been a major language of commerce and industry for more than a thousand years. As both Dutch and English are part of the North Sea Germanic language family, the two languages share, at their core, many features. However, Dutch incorporated fewer Romance words than English, whose vocabulary was dramatically changed by the Battle of Hastings and the Renaissance. Spoken today in Suriname, Aruba and CuraƧao—in addition to the Netherlands and Belgium—Dutch continues to be an important global language, and has lent many words to languages such as English and Indonesian, and the Dutch daughter-language Afrikaans serves as a primary language in South Africa and Namibia.

Dutch <> English

The closest major language related to English, Dutch is an official language of the EU and an important global language of commerce. Because of the similarities in the languages, nuance and fine grammatical details tend to be more the focus than in more distance language pairs, which require more focus on structure and concept. Although the Dutch are well-known for their facility with English, truly professional copy requires the skill of native speakers to convey nuance and terminology accurately and in a way that is culturally appropriate. Orange Text uses expert native speakers to ensure that your document is translated properly.

Dutch <> Japanese

During the sakoku, or isolationist, period, the Dutch were the only European people allowed to trade with Japan. Because of the importance of Dutch, as the sole source of information about European culture and technology, rangaku (Dutch studies) became a critical link for Japanese modernization when the US successfully pressed Japan to open in the 1850s. To this day, commerce and culture flow between Japan and the Netherlands/Belgium, and translation between the two languages is vital for commerce. Contact Orange Text to learn how we can help you improve your communication between these cultures.
Antwerp train station

Antwerp train station

Rotterdam with a mirror image

Rotterdam, the Netherland's busiest port

A tulip field in Tokyo

A tulip field in Tokyo