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English is, more than any other language in the world, the global language that people turn to for international communication, whether in commerce, technology or science. Filled with vocabulary gathered from around the globe, English demands precision in expression, accuracy in terminology and consistency in style. Using skilled native speakers, Orange Text ensures your message is conveyed appropriately.

English (EN)

Born of a fusion of Germanic languages transplanted to the British Isles after Rome's army decamped, English has been supplemented time and time again by such languages as Norse, Latin, French and Greek, forging a spoken tradition with a deep vocabulary and complex grammar. Its readiness to borrow and coin new words and technological developments in the English-speaking world have created a versatile language accepted around the world.

English <> Japanese

Relations between Japan and the United States After Japan opened its borders in the nineteenth century after more than 200 years under its sakoku, or isolationist policy, English translation became an important part of the modernization plan. To this day, translation between Japanese and English facilitates the flow of ideas and commerce between Japan and the rest of the world. Whether translating from English to Japanese or from Japanese to English, care is needed to ensure terminology is translated accurately and that culturally sensitive concepts are conveyed in an appropriate manner.

English <> Chinese

China and American are each other's largest trade partner, and accurate translations are essential for smooth commerce. While both Chinese and English have similar sentence structures (subject-verb-object), they are different in word structure, phonology and writing systems. Orange Text uses professional native speakers to ensure your documents are communicated accurately.


Verse Simmonds in a recording studio

Verse Simmonds in a recording studio

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